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About the book

The Loop Approach was developed at TheDive. When it comes to the future of organizations, we’ve voraciously studied all the ideas and approaches out there and even tried most of them out ourselves and with our partners and clients. All because we’re fascinated by the question of how organizations can put people and their potential first. Our insights have been distilled into The Loop Approach: a framework that enables organizations to kick off their own transformation. And in order to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from it, we’ve written this book.

What you’ll learn in the book

  • Why the era of the pyramid-model is over, and why new organizational operating systems are sorely needed.
  • Which tools and behaviors can support a transformation towards becoming the organization of the future, and how an organization’s mindset can be transformed.
  • What a Loop is, and what the three modules of Clarity, Results, and Evolution that comprise it mean in practice.
  • How the Loops drive a larger transformation project forward, and what supporting workstreams are required.

‘The Loop Approach is intended to help you start a transformation journey and navigate it safely. It does so by providing a basic standard structure, while still remaining open and flexible enough to be adapted to each organization’s unique needs and constraints.’

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235 pages
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130 illustrations

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